January, 04, 2019

Welcome to 2019!

We’re getting ready for the emerging trends and major developments in store for the arts this year.

Cultural institutions continue to evolve, becoming civic leaders, advocates, even therapists. Drivers of social change, they are encouraging dialogue and inclusivity. “We need to fortify community in a time of political and economic uncertainty and divisiveness,” says Nadia Fall at Theatre Royal Stratford East. “We have to look at our civic responsibility, coming together as an industry.”


Well-being and health are prompting new programming and services. In Québec, doctors can now prescribe museum visits as treatment. As such, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the first museum to set aside physical space dedicated to art and health!


©MBAM - Photo Bernard Fougères et Jean-François Lejeune

©MMFA – Photo Bernard Fougères et Jean-François Lejeune


The traditional cultural visit is becoming ever more immersive, interactive and democratic as Visual and Performing Arts bodies are challenged to rethink the role of the viewer. The Mori Building Digital Art Museum by teamLab opened in Tokyo last year, the world’s first digital art museum. Over 1 million visitors engaged with its artworks “designed to dissolve the boundary between visitor and artwork through interaction”.

Interdisciplinary arts centres and cultural hubs are harnessing innovative collaborations and partnerships to offer new kinds of cultural programming. This year will see the opening of many such centres, including The Shed in New York City, on a mission to welcome new audiences hungry for community connection.


© Stephanie Berger/The Shed. Photo: Stephanie Berger.
Pas de Deux Cent Douze, a work by choreographer William Forsythe, danced by Roderick George and Josh Johnson


The pressure to build a sustainable and diverse cultural future requires collaborative drive, human intelligence and clear vision. This year, Communicating the Arts is championing partnerships, well-being and leadership in the arts through peer-to-peer learning and networking.