Maximise media coverage with your Ideal Calendar

January, 06, 2017

Agenda has recently developed a series of communication tools specifically designed for cultural organisations. Here is the most exciting one to date, the Ideal Calendar.

The Ideal Calendar gives you a broad overview of the major events taking place around the world so you may easily match them with your organisations’ own programme of events. In one look, cross-examine the major events in culture, international days, geopolitics, art, architecture, design, technology, cinema, photography, science, environment and sports. 

It also includes the editorial calendars of the most important international medias, allowing you to feed the appropriate stories to the right medias and secure great coverage. With the calendar, you can also make sure your organisation’s social media is in line with current news and be confident in engaging new audiences.

To find out more about receiving your customised Ideal Calendar, please contact Pascale Bousquet.