Introducing Communicating the Arts

October, 08, 2018

Communicating the arts Communicating the Museum has been the leading conference dedicated to museum professionals since 2000. Created in partnership with TATE, it began as the international forum for communication best practices in the cultural world. Within 18 years, more than 5000 professionals working in museums and galleries have attended these conferences to discuss strategies and share experiences. From branding to digital, audience development to visitor’s experience, the many axes of communications have been at its heart.




Over the past 10 years, museums’ missions have shifted – they are social spaces and more engaged with their audiences. As such, museum communicators are more involved than ever with education and public engagement strategies. Artistic programs are diversifying, spaces are being redeveloped to become more open and welcoming. There is a mixing of arts types, with performing artists as well as visual artists increasingly involved. We are also in an age of experiences – programs, events and festivals are in demand within and outside the museum walls.

These changes lead us to our natural development:

Communicating the Museum is becoming Communicating the Arts.

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