Focus on your values and mission to offer a better experience

December, 05, 2016
Communicating the Museum Conference Agenda

More than 220 people from the cultural sector gathered in Québec for the 17th edition of Communicating the Museum. Speakers and experts from Canada, France, Brazil, USA, Denmark and the UK agreed that cultural organisations should focus on their values and mission in order to better engage audiences.


Be genuine, open minded and a bit silly. To adapt to new audiences and be true to their social mission, museums need to adjust their behavior.

Museum Hack, Moment Factory and MoMA shared their thoughts on how to make experiences memorable, speak with emotion and put experience in a new context.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Musée de l’Elysée demonstrated how to engage your staff and better embody your values throughout the organisation.

The Louvre, le Musée national des Beaux Arts du Québec and Statens Museum for Kunst shared their success stories on how to reach new audiences via partnerships, social media and new technologies.

This conference’s focus was very much on social mission and values and we will continue the conversation in 2017. Join us in Paris this June and in Los Angeles in November to learn what the future holds for cultural institutions.

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By Clémence Ferry, Project Manager, Agenda