Destination Rio at The Olympic Museum

February, 03, 2016

From 10 February to 25 September 2016, The Olympic Museum celebrates Rio with a free programme wholly dedicated to the culture and flavour of the city and of Brazil, host of the Olympic Games.

To mark the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, The Olympic Museum showcases Brazilian culture’s diversity, exuberance and energy. The body in movement, a key element of Brazilian culture, is at the heart of destination Rio. It is shown throughout the Museum, from the Park to the Tom Café and the two temporary exhibitions.

“Destination Rio: The Games” is dedicated to Rio’s transformation for the Olympic Games through the Looks of the Games, the sports on the programme, the athletes and the legacy these Games will leave for the host city.

“Destination Rio: Rhythms and Diversity” is an exploration of the physical vocabulary of Brazilian culture through music, dance, popular festivals and sport: a full immersion into the rhythms and movement of Brazil, focusing on contemporary art and photography.

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Image credit: Comité International Olympique CIO / NEPOMUCENO