Data-Driven Culture Is Within Reach

April, 06, 2018

Data-Driven Culture Is Within Reach™


By Erin Koppel, Senior Director, Enterprise Consulting, Tessitura

Ask two leaders to describe data-driven culture and you’re likely to get two answers that might not sound much alike. When we at Tessitura think about data driven culture, we think of three elements – Data | Decide | Do™ – each with a specific role to play, in concert with the others.


Our cycle begins with data, and every organization has data, right? In fully mature data-driven organizations, Data is a corporate asset, protected on behalf of your customers, and leveraged in pursuit of insight and understanding into their behaviors in order to connect them more deeply to your mission. Unfortunately in arts and culture, data is often underutilized and disconnected from decision makers. When leaders Decide, they rely on their business intuition, which can produce mixed results, depending on their tenure, experience, landscape, and execution – the Doing, if you will – of the teams who are ultimately responsible for bringing decisions to life.

As this cycle works its way through your organization, where are the connections between these elements strong and where are the weak links? What can you as a leader do to reinforce the proper relationship between the elements, and how can you use them as a lens to consider your results and opportunities when the first cycle is complete? A careful examination of these elements, when working in harmony, leads to immediate gains in understanding, and practical solutions to issues you might not even realize are having a detrimental effect on your everyday business. Focusing on one element at a time allows you and staff to let data speak for itself, generating additional insight when making decisions, and providing focus and clarity of execution to benefit your visitors and audiences.

Data-driven culture is within reach, and once you break it into our elements – Data | Decide | Do™ – it’s closer than you think.