How To Create RAWR-Some Adult Museum Experiences (Case Study: Museum Hack x Field Museum)

August, 02, 2018

Agenda is delighted to team up with Museum Hack for the 21st edition of Communicating the Museum which will take place in Chicago, 24-27 September.

Learn about Museum Hack ‘s best practices in audience engagement and daring tours.



It’s the height of summer – and that means it’s summer program season in museums!  During this busy time of the year, many museums run camps, overnight sessions, and programs dedicated to engaging children with fun, educational activities while school is out.

Yet, summer shouldn’t be just for kids.  What about the adults?  What programs can museums create to attract and engage adults that are educational and fun?

The Field Museum was looking to think more deeply about exactly what great adult engagement means.  As one of the world’s greatest natural history museum, The Field Museum has a renowned scientific staff, collections of more than 20 million specimens, and an engaging YouTube show that has skyrocketed this institution into millennial fame.  Yet they were struggling with how to define and develop amazing programs to further engage adult audiences and turn their online fans into museum visitors.

The solution? The Field Museum called Museum Hack to help them reimagine the adult visitor experience.


Zak and Dustin with SUE the T. Rex.


Hatching Cross-Institution Collaboration

Our team traveled to the Windy City to engage Field Museum staff in a participatory workshop on audience engagement.  This workshop brought together staff from disparate departments to share ideas and best practices.  We led staff through discussions of our high-level engagement techniques and participatory activities to help them reimagine how to incorporate stories, technology, and personal passion into every part of the visitor experience.

Museum Hack also customized the workshop to feature cross-museum team building, enabling staff to share their ideas while making meaningful connections with each other and fostering a more collaborative work culture.

They also met with department heads at The Field Museum in a customized Hack Chat.  During this chat, we dived deeper into questions about our methods and ways that The Field Museum could combine the tools we demonstrated with their own programming to reimagine what a great adult experience truly is.


A RAWR-some Success! 

We absolutely loved working with The Field Museum.  Our visit was more than just professional development – it was an adventure into one of the greatest natural history collections on earth.  And it also afforded us an amazing opportunity to collaborate with SUE the T. Rex on our wildly successful #NaturallyPunny Twitter takeover!


Dustin Growick with dinosaur head recreation.