Chasing Time at The Olympic Museum

April, 28, 2014

From 5 June 2014 to 18 January 2015, The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is hosting a new exhibition entitled “Chasing Time”, which takes the visitor on a journey through time, as it is experienced in sport, socially, technologically and artistically.

Time is one of the essential elements for designating winners and losers and for establishing records. Time, in a sporting context, is measured and quantified, but it also incites enthusiasm and passion. The passage of time is inexorable, but this exhibition aims to show Man’s ingeniousness and the artistic creativity that can lead to the observation and study of time, be it in painting, sculpture, music or cinema.

Through inventive scenography by Lorenzo Greppi, the visitor discovers a route organised around nine themed sectors, which clearly illustrate the changes and evolution of the perception of time throughout history.

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Image Credit: ©CIO – Lydie Nesvadba