Case study : Translation and narration of Oxford University Museums’ audio guides

June, 13, 2017
Art & culture translated



Oxford University Museums decided to expand its language offer and translate their audio guides into six languages: Chinese, Arabic, Urdu, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The aim was to improve the availability of interpretation for international visitors.

The client approached Art & Culture Translated for the translation of the English scripts and their narration.

Three of the museums that are part of the Oxford University Museum Partnership (Pitt Rivers, Museum of Natural History, Museum of the History of Science) were involved in the project.



The collections of the three museums cover a wide range of subjects from archaeology, ethnography and anthropology to zoology, natural history and science.

The audio guides hotspots included scientific and astronomical instruments, rocks, fossils, aboriginal artworks and artefacts spanning through several centuries.


Our solution

Art & Culture Translated assembled a team of translators with knowledge spanning this range of subjects; a meticulous research was also carried out and a review process implemented so that details of every object were accurately rendered into the several languages.

Once the scripts had been translated, they were narrated in a studio by professional native speakers, edited and reviewed, resulting in a very polished product.



Art & Culture Translated helped Oxford University Museums ensure that their new audio guides had the highest standard of quality and allowed them to plan production times and budget in an efficient way.

 Art and Culture Translated came highly recommended by colleagues in the sector and they were great to work with. The translation and audio we received was high quality and turned around quickly; they were responsive when we needed to make minor changes during the process, and they also offered additional help by doing things such as reviewing Chinese text in situ to make sure errors hadn’t emerged when formatting.

J. Suess (Digital Partnership Manager)