The ‘Best of Creativity’ Workshop

March, 15, 2017
Culture Business Sydney group

‘Best of Creativity’ is a half-day workshop focused on the most innovative communication campaigns, design models and branding strategies from around the world.

The objective is to feed your team with successful ideas and to foster creativity. Looking for new approaches from across the world is always a great way to learn. Agenda’s methodology, ‘Scan – Focus – Act’, encourages participants to work and initiate projects together.

«I travel the world, visit exhibitions, meet artists and interview museum professionals everyday –
so I have a lot to share » says Corinne Estrada, the chair of this inspiring seminar.

Corinne is CEO of Agenda and founder of the Communicating the Museum conference. The ‘Best of Creativity’ travels the world and each workshop can be tailored for one or a reunion of cultural organisations. She has previously presented the seminar at the Louvre in Lens, the Parlamentarium in Brussels, the public museums in Lausanne and is set for the Museum of Democracy in Canberra in July 2017.