BRONZE – Smartify CIC, United Kingdom

Case Study


Smartify is a free virtual art guide that enables audiences to scan, identify and discover art using augmented reality on their smart- phone. Users can save favourites into a personal collection and access rich content. Smartify creates an engaging but non-intrusive museum experience: instead of taking a photo or a selfie, we offer a more memorable and immersive experience, opening information about art to all audiences.




Smartify is developed collaboratively with museum partners. The app promotes existing content, equips museums with data analytics, and maximises the value of customer touchpoints through integrated revenue-generating services built into the app.

Smartify uses proprietary software, image recognition algorithms and AI to recognise artwork the user is scanning.




• Technical complexities of scanning sculptures.
• Bringing museums onto a shared platform rather than developing a bespoke app for each.




With over half a million users, Smartify is already the second most downloaded art app in the world and can be used across 70 institu- tions worldwide.
The app has won three 2018 Webby Awards including Best Art App, People’s Choice and Best Use of Mobile Camera, as well as the 2018 GLOMO for Most Innovative App at the Mobile World Congress, and Digital Innovation of the Year 2017 from Apollo Art Magazine.