SILVER – Rijksmuseum SnapGuide by the Rijksmuseum, Netherlands

Case Study


SnapGuide aims to connect today’s visual culture of young audiences with the visual culture of the Rijksmuseum. It allows the museum to explore how to use today’s visual platforms and influencers to engage and educate young people visiting the museum.



The Rijksmuseum set about exploring how they could change young people’s’ experience in the museum. Instead of trying to ban the use of mobile phones in the museum, it chose to embrace it.




Famous influencers guide young audiences through the museum and offer challenges in which the users participate by recording videos and taking pictures. Legitimising these young and unique voices required letting go of the more “traditional” perspectives on the ways one should approach fine art.




A web-based app accesible from any device connected to the inter- net aided by free wifi for all visitors within the museum.



The users (both students and teachers) rate SnapGuide with a 8.5/10. Most students choose to participate not in one, but in two tours while using SnapGuide. As the challenges provided by the influencers stimulate debate, deeper understanding of the subjects and creati- vity, the content created by the students is very rich.