SILVER – Rijksmuseum SnapGuide by the Rijksmuseum, Netherlands

Case Study


SnapGuide aims to connect today’s visual culture of young audiences with the visual culture of the Rijksmuseum. It allows the museum to explore how to use today’s visual platforms and influencers to en- gage and educate young people visiting the museum.




Motivating 170,000+ mobile-native school children to interact and learn about culture in museums is a big challenge.
With SnapGuide, famous influencers guide young audiences through the museum. They provide challenges with which the young users participate by recording videos and taking pictures. This content can than be shared with their teacher for use in the classroom.




One of the biggest challenges was allowing the influencers to create their own personal connection with the art. Influencers who appeal to a large audiences to so because of how they are and what they are doing, and this authenticity is key. This meant letting go our more formal ways of teaching young audiences about art and history.




Users (students and teachers) rate SnapGuide with an 8.5/10. Most students choose to participate in more than one tour while using SnapGuide. As the challenges provided by the influencers stimulate debate, deeper understanding of subjects and creativity, the content created by the students is very rich.

Since the launch of SnapGuide in 2017, we have won several pres- tigious international awards, such as two Lovie Awards. SnapGuide was also nominated and honored in the 2018 Webby Awards.