GOLD – Notman, A Visionary Photographer by the McCord Museum, Canada

Case Study


The McCord Museum presented an exhibition on the life and work of Montreal photographer William Notman, a man whose innovative spirit was synonymous with modernity in many ways: his photogra- phic style, his artistic leadership and his business management. The challenge was to present him as a superstar; to make the subject of this historical exhibition contemporary and attractive, and thus appeal to more visitors during the Winter season.




Themes of the exhibition (the bold, the man of network, the artist, the builder) were used to raise a campaign of influence in diffe- rent spheres of Montreal society (art-fashion, business-technology, society-sustainability, design-urbanism). 21 ambassadors were se- lected to create parallels with Notman, plus an Inside Out project with current «visionaries», a series of events with keynote speakers, targeted corporate content partnerships and several contests.




Media plan including print, OOH display and web; direct promotion (flyers to school groups and tourism organizations, promotional posters, PR campaigns, Museum website, e-mail campaigns, branded products); a playful animated gif campaign based on serious historical photos.




• Large press and media coverage
• Record audience, unprecedented growth of new followers and higher levels of engagement on our social media accounts
• Record attendance (25% visitor growth) and significant growth in ticketing revenue
• Dithyrambic, glowing feedback from media and visitors
• Established new key partners and ambassadors for the Museum