SILVER – Museum Without Walls by the British Council, Turkey

Case Study


The British Council decided to create a digital platform that would showcase their Visual Arts Collection, which holds more than 9,000 works from British artists, but is only available and visible through physical exhibitions and loans.




The new digital platform re-invents and explores ways of accessing and showcasing art, replacing the intimidating walls of the white cube with a website and offering visitors the freedom to explore exhibi- tions without time limitations or any physical restraints.




  • Innovatively transforming exhibition proposal into digital product.
  • Designing and implementing an interactive website (embracing new options such as VR).
  • Developing interactive ways for the general audience to engage with the website.
  • Creating a responsive and accessible digital platform that would act as an arts gallery.
  • To ask curators to work on a digital space.
  • To get permits from the artists.




Museum without Walls has been visited over 400,000 times from 150 different countries. Total impressions reached more than 16 mil- lion, while engagement was 600,000 through interactive tools and a strong social media campaign. Average visit duration of three and a half min. The exhibition’s curator, Ulya Soley, confirmed that the freedom of the online space made her think more creatively.