SILVER – Mandela: Struggle for Freedom by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canada

Case Study


Capture the love and respect for Nelson Mandela and use it to drive visitation to the exhibition “Mandela: Struggle for Freedom”. A rich multi-media campaign was developped to target locals and visitors.




Mandela’s story is the ultimate example of the resilience of the human spirit. This campaign brought the struggle to life, inviting audiences to put themselves in Mandela’s shoes through spacial experiences.



Due to licensing restrictions, this had to be done without using video, audio or multiple images of Mandela. A limited production budget and ambitious goals of using different tactics to bring the story and the exhibition to life.




27 minutes for 27 years: people from a variety of backgrounds were invited to spend 27 minutes in an 8×7 room, the size of Mandela’s Robben Island cell. Radio and ambient were used to extend the ‘put yourself in Mandela’s shoes’ concept, along with out-of-home and a strong PR launch campaign. The same dimensions were printed in open spaces, broadening reach and inviting public interaction.




Target attendance was reached a month after the opening, with 3% increase in visitation from the previous year. The conversion rate on temporary exhibition space shot to 70%, up from 20-30% for past temporary exhibitions. Digital traffic to the website tripled locally and doubled or quadrupled in key Canadian target markets. Social enga- gement continues to surpass expectations.