BRONZE – Chagall: Colour and Music by the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Canada

Case Study


To create an exceptional design for the largest exhibition ever devoted to Marc Chagall in Canada.The exhibition’s layout, both chro- nological and thematic, covers every period in Chagall’s long and fruitful career and examines all of his forms of expression.




The exhibition was developed as a collection of places that preserved and highlighted the full sensory scope of Chagall’s work. It is a com- plete experience: narrative, immersive, interspersed with thresholds between one realm and the next, like shifts in thought. The circuit was deliberately designed to distance visitors from reference points, to immerse them in the artworks. In perfect harmony with the music, the exhibition space surrounded visitors, transporting them into the heart of the mystery and complexity that is the art of Chagall.




Displaying numerous works – paintings, works on paper, costumes, sculptures, ceramics, stained glass, tapestries and creations for stage and large-scale decorative and architectural projects.




An ultra-high-definition digital rendering of the 220m2 painting that Chagall completed in 1964. Zoom effects were used to reveal the splendour of the material and the meticulous detail, previously invi- sible to the naked eye.




Chagall’s enchanting musical world attracted 302,992 visitors, ranking fifth among the MMFA’s most visited exhibitions. In addition to its public success, the exhibition was also critically acclaimed in Canada and internationally.