BRONZE – Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen by Museums Victoria, Australia

Case Study


To build a STEM focussed, long term exhibition for 13-15 year olds with the aims of sparking curiosity, raising questions, and inspiring audiences with the beauty and complexity of science. The exhibition has to be cutting edge, contemporary and unconventional, and to inspire teenagers to visit outside of traditional school excursions.




From audience research, we learnt the importance of using a strong cohesive approach to palette and form to deliver a mature, contem- porary and immersive environment. The entire 600m2 space encou- rages a slower and more considered visitor pace with a non-linear path, moments of reflection, and collaborative interactive exhibits. The experiences bring together the worlds of physical and digital interaction, art, technology and science, and are designed to be unexpected, striking and open ended in exploration.




Getting to know the target audience (13-15 year olds) – they wanted a collaborative, immersive, sophisticated experience, a place to ‘hang’. This was achieved through strong design language of dark curved walls, intriguing views to other spaces, evocative soundscaping with deep bass and soaring synthesizers, lighting with high contrast exhibits and installations, and an interpretative style that brought together digital, physical and informal in unexpected forms.




The feedback to date has been incredibly positive. Visitors have relished the exhibition’s reflective and ponderous pace, allowing them and their families to consider the questions posed within and to hear from real scientists.