Museum Culture Awards IDCA

SILVER – The new by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – USA

Case Study

The new launched during the museum’s 3 year closure for a massive expansion. The launch marked the beginning of the new SFMOMA, as it was the first public manifestation of the new SFMOMA
brand and the first place the new program was expressed.

The goal was to translate seven experience principles of the museum into the digital space: Welcoming, Surprising, Participatory, For our Time, Boundaryless, Illuminating, and Open. Our strategy was to design a site driven by great content, rich imagery, and providing an experience that is parallel to – and at the same time different from – visiting the physical museum.

The challenges of using a young and largely untested system in GLAMkit. On top of that, on the day we launched the site there was a massive power outage at the museum, which meant we had to rent laptops and decamp to a co-working space to launch.

SF MoMA website IDCA Awards

• For communications: Slack
• For tasks: Assembla, Asana and Jira
• For development: Python, Django, GLAMkit, AWS and SublimeText
• For brainstorming: sticky notes, whiteboards and markers
• For prototyping: Axure, Usersnap, Asana, Photoshop and InDesign
• For documentation: Confluence (wiki)

A truly contemporary site that showcases and celebrates SFMOMA’s diversity. In less than a year there has been 300,000 video views, over $5.5 million in sales and an increase of 2.1 million page views.


SF MoMA website IDCA Awards