Museum Culture Awards IDCA

SILVER – Ziezo Marokko at Tropenmuseum Junior Amsterdam by Kossmann.Dejong – Netherlands

Case Study



The aim was to connect children through heritage in an active, personal experience. Kossmann.dejong turned a museum visit into an immersive, theatrical experience of a different country and culture. The Dutch term “ZieZo Marokko” means “you can see Morocco like this, you can see Morocco like that – how do you see Morocco?”



‘Show, not tell’ & ‘learning by doing’: creating an experiential, engaging space connected to public participation; using Dramaturgy to create a clear, theatrical storyline.




One challenge was the extensive collaboration that it involved. It involved co-creation between the museum, the design team, specially trained guides, researchers, authors, and more than 100 Moroccan-Dutch individuals and Moroccan organisations.



Optical illusions are used to create an apparently endless world of a medina. Interactive, audiovisual tools are combined with objects embedded in an environment full of stories. The objects, such as wooden doors and mosaic tiles not only derive from the museum’s collection, but have also been collected during a special trip to Morocco.




The exhibition resulted in a unique dynamic design, turning the exhibition area into a completely different world, in which subjects came to life, visitors were active, inspired, and connected to each other and to another culture. In the first three months of opening “ZieZo Marokko” welcomed more than 16,000 visitors.