Museum Culture Awards IDCA

SILVER – International Pop by the Philadelphia Museum of Art – USA

Case Study

The goal was to create a memorable campaign that embodied the spirit of POP Art as well as to attract new audiences to the Museum. The campaign needed to showcase the different styles of POP art from all of the featured countries while maintaining a recognizable iconic form.
Philadelphia Museum of Art Awards museum IDCA

The strategy was to work within the spirit of the PMA brand and use it to reinterpret the International Pop spirit. In this case we chose a rounded version of the Avenir typeface for the exhibition title treatment. The word POP would take on the personality of the individual work of POP Art.

The toughest challenge was creating a campaign that maintained a consistent look and feel while highlighting INTERNATIONAL Pop Art. To tell the story of an art movement expressed in different countries with the repetition of ONE key image. The limitations of using just one image of art to express the narrative of the show.
Philadelphia Museum of Art Awards museum IDCA
We looked a lot of POP Art typography and ephemera. We worked hard to create pattern swatches of different line thicknesses and frequencies that could easily be scaled. These pattern swatches were used as «fills». They were eventually expanded to include POP Art dot patterns and half tone patterns as well as custom illustrations inspired by individual works.
Philadelphia Museum of Art Awards museum IDCA
With all the changes going on at the PMA we set our exhibition attendance goal at 70,000. Final attendance was close to 120,000.