Museum Culture Awards IDCA

SILVER – Action Stations by the Austalian National Maritime Museum – Australia

Case Study

The AUD Action Stations Experience is the biggest public initiative the museum has undertaken since it opened in 1991, developed to bring the museum’s ex-navy submarine and destroyer to life like never before. Aiming to create a dramatised journey, Actions Stations comprises multiple high-stakes stories, disparate points of view and the audience’s own perspective.
The Experience has three major facets: new on-board interpretation of the museum’s decommissioned RAN vessels HMAS Vampire and HMAS Onslow; an 8 min film that brings the historic vessels ‘to life’; and a Discovery and Exploration space that immerses visitors in over 100 years of history.

The touch tables and objects in the multi-use space needed to be resistant to the highly corrosive surrounding saltwater environment. The objects selected needed to be robust as we encourage visitors to touch them. The space needed to be effective for our visitors who cannot visit the vessels due to access reasons.
A thrilling 8 min film transports visitors into the world of these vessels. The ANMM partnered with James Humberstone of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to compose the soundscape for the on-board vessel interpretations.

Admission revenue for December and January was up 20% on the same period last year, and was up 53% on Australia Day.
The immersive film has proved tremendously successful, and we are now looking at producing other short films for the same space.