Museum Culture Awards IDCA


Case Study


We were challenged to develop a destination campaign for the Getty that built and strengthened relationships with stakeholders, encouraged engagement with a diverse audience digitally and physically, and motivated visitors to come and be inspired.




Our strategy was to empower stakeholders to recount inspiring experiences at the Getty. We wanted to tie our brand to “inspiration” and elevate the importance of connections to our institution. We then amplified those expressions of love for the Getty with an integrated marketing campaign and partnerships with social media influencers. This way, real people were sharing their Getty experience.



The challenge was to make the Getty fresh and appealing for a diverse audience while acknowledging that with user engagement campaigns like this, the brand relinquishes some control. We opened the stage to hear stories we knew would be of varying quality and accuracy. But we proved it was worth the risk.




In 10 months, 30,000 Instagram photos were tagged and 165 stories submitted. Over 43M impressions were generated and the web hub received 75,000 views. Record-breaking visitor numbers: in 2016 the Getty Center received 1.6M visitors. It was the second busiest fiscal year at the Getty Center since its opening.