Museum Culture Awards IDCA

BRONZE – Opéra National de Paris by Dream On – France


How to sell a sharper programming while opening the opera to a larger audience?
Opera de Paris Agenda IDCA Awards
Present a sharper programming while approaching the public through a renewed and more direct communication approach, without depreciating in status. Each creation responds to three major objectives: to desire, shudder and dare.
Create a link between the creation of a high-end universe and the application of a «behavioral» strategy for the Opera focused on the experience and its relationship with the public.
Opera de Paris Agenda IDCA Awards

• Inspire through the season brochure (new editorial and iconographic approach, new art direction) and show richer programs in every way.
• Redesign the whole digital ecosystem of the Opera:
1 / To meet the increasing importance of digital in buying behavior, creating an improved and simplified website with data management.
2 / To enhance the perception that the public may have of the Opera and to place it at the center of the contemporary cultural scene. Creation of the « 3e Scene » (the 3rd stage)
• Subscriptions: +20% the first two weeks.
• Website : 6.6 pages viewed per session: an increase of 50%
Average time spent on the site, 4 minutes 22: + 19%
Nearly 10 million page views in two months.


Opera de Paris Agenda IDCA Awards