Museum Culture Awards IDCA

BRONZE – O Poeta Voador, Santos Dumont at Museu Do Amanha by Fundacao Roberto Marinho – Brazil

Case Study

Museum of Tomorrow Exhibition Communication Awards IDCA


The exhibit’s communication celebrates Santos Dumont, a visionary genius. The mission was to reintroduce him to the public as he is only well known as the «Father of Aviation» and for his dispute with the Wright Brothers.

Bring the public into closer contact with the character and his invention. The aim was to highlight the concepts of creativity and contemporaneity, the magic of flying and the global reach of Santos Dumont. To achieve this, we used different languages and platforms with the aim of engaging different audiences.


Give global visibility to a local exhibition; ensure visitation to a museum at a time when people were focused on the Olympics; ensure that the public would find this exhibition interesting amidst the 30,000 square meter museum’s many other attractions; deconstruct the consecrated image of Santos Dumont as the father of aviation.

A replica of the 14 Bis airplane installed in front of the Museum on the Olympic Boulevard; creation of a comprehensive media campaign; a film simulation of the 14 Bis at the 2016 Rio Opening Ceremony.


Museum of Tomorrow Exhibition Communication Awards IDCA

The exhibit attracted 375,000 visitors to the Museum of Tomorrow in less than five months. The exhibition was extended for a further four after its success. The replica of the 14 Bis became an internet sensation and a landmark on the Praca Maua square. Social media success resulted in increased followers for both the Museum of Tomorrow and the Roberto Marinho Foundation.