Museum Culture Awards IDCA

BRONZE – Museum of the Future – Machinic Life by Tellart – UAE

Case Study

The challenge was to conceive, design, and implement an exhibition exploring the future impact of emerging technologies. Our approach was to structure the experience in four parts: an introductory area showcasing present day technologies that have the potential to transform society, and three speculative visions for the future transformed by these technologies.
The scenographic concept is structured in a decreasing gradient of human agency vis a vis technology. The scenography begins with a diffused anthropomorphic interior in Personal Augmentation, dissolves into a hybrid physical-digital interior space in Caring Machines, and then into a space of raw information and infinitely reflected digital light in Algorithmic Management.
Museum of the Future Scenography Awards IDCA
We overcame a tight build schedule on a complex, high tech exhibition open to visitors for only three days. A temporary venue was constructed leaving only a few days to build all the AV infrastructure, interior architecture, and install and test the interactive experiences.
Each area supports the visitor’s ability to immerse himself in the future. Personal Augmentation evokes a hybrid retail medical environment of augmenting technologies. The scenography of Caring Machines is almost entirely digital: an interactive projection-mapped space.

The exhibition inspired important conversations on policy related to the downstream impacts of emerging technologies. This exhibition series has inspired various governmental initiatives.
Museum of the Future Scenography Awards IDCA