Museum Culture Awards IDCA

BRONZE – Museu Do Amanha – Brazil

Case Study



Instead of just presenting scientific principles, methods and achievements, the Museum of Tomorrow aims to apply the resources of contemporary sciences to provide its visitors with a journey of exploration of possible future scenarios. The Museum is an architectural icon of the urban renewal process of the Port area of Rio.




The narrative sequence offered by the Museum was distributed along five sectors, each comprising different scientific content, expressed by distinct scenographic ambiences, and embodying a central question. The scenography also dialogues with the majestic, cathedral-like atmosphere provided by Santiago Calatrava’s architecture.



The requirement of constant updating of the Museum’s content, to keep it a Museum of Tomorrow, and not of Yesterday. This led to the choice of an entirely digital expographic support. The construction schedule, tied to the Olympic calendar, was also a challenge.




  • “Hands on”: the museum’s lab is a space for experimentations and transdisciplinary collisions of art, science and technology.
  • “Minds on”: the Observatory of Tomorrow serves as a radar of the museum that receives and processes information from institutions of science, culture and technology
  • “Hearts on”: the main exhibition explores, through digital interactions, future scenarios for the next 50 years.



Museum of Tomorrow has reached one million visitors in nine months, raising the museum visitor audience to a new standard in Brazil.