Museum Culture Awards IDCA

BRONZE – Audio that moves you by SF MoMA – USA

Case Study

The guiding experience goals and technical requirements included:
• Serve as an essential part of the SFMOMA experience that can only be had on site.
• Deliver location-aware, streaming content for visitors who use their own devices.
• Integrate with SFMOMA’s multiple supporting technologies and platforms via REST APIs.

The target audience and features were refined through a market study and visitor journey maps. The result is a story-driven, in-pocket experience that couples rich audio storytelling with location-aware tech. Immersive audio walks guide visitors on playful, emotive journeys, while highlights lists give point-to-point directions to key artwork.
Limited access to the site and artwork was a big challenge for user testing and content development while the physical site was closed. SFMOMA overall budget for the design, UX/UI, and development of the SFMOMA app was limited– as were staff resources.

• Descript, an application for content producers
• A custom browser-based CMS
• Apple Indoor Survey app was used to create a comprehensive map
The app has been used by over 50,000 people since the museum opened in May 2016. Those users have listened to almost 300,000 individual artwork stops and immersive walks