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Best Scenography

Scenography Awards

What is it?

The layout of space is key to making an exhibition a success. Celebrating the art of exhibiting, this award encompasses spatial organisation, display, design and lighting along with digital installations and interactive stations.

We will reward both a temporary and a permanent exhibition ! (Yes, that means two trophies!)


What is the jury looking for?

The judges will be looking for evidence of innovative design and its impact on visitor. They will reward a creative use of space and an efficient visitor journey.


What should you send us?

A video! It is extremely difficult for the judges to fully understand a scenography without a video taking them though the exhibition. So grab your iphone and take us through it!
Please also send us 4 to 6 pictures of your exhibition along with a floor map.

If an agency worked on it, please share with us their presentation and conclusion.