Museum Culture Awards IDCA

Best App

Museum App Awards

What is it?

The best way to communicate with your audience and provide content before, during and after the visit is through apps.

Applications created for an organisation, for a specific exhibition or event and for a specific audience will be evaluated in this category.


What is the jury looking for?

The judges will reward the idea behind the app and its execution. They will evaluate the design of the app, the way it operates, the content and delivery. They will look at the strategy and assess the originality and creativity of each app.


What should you send us?

The category includes but is not limited to Web Apps, Smartphone Apps, and Facebook Apps.
You should give us a direct link to your app and a code if the app is paying.
The jury appreciates a video demonstrating your app design and specs.
Please send us 5 screen captures showing evidence of the best aspects of your app.