Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney

Theme: ‘The Art of Fundraising’


Culture Business NYC gathered leading cultural institutions from around the world to share their latest strategies in sponsorship, philanthropy and fundraising. Following Paris, Madrid, Sydney and Melbourne, the NYC edition welcomed speakers from more than 10 different countries working in museums, theaters, operas, ballet companies, festivals, foundations  and galleries.


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Full Working Day Hosted by the Jewish Museum

1109 5th Ave & E 92nd St, New York

09.00 am

Welcome to Culture Business NYC

Corinne Estrada, CEO of Agenda and Claudia Gould, Helen Goldsmith Menschel Director of the Jewish Museum welcome the international delegation to the Jewish Museum and to the launch of Culture Business NYC. Learn more
Speakers : Claudia Gould Jewish Museum, Corinne Estrada Agenda
Face to Face

What does it mean to be an audience focused cultural organization?

In this talk we'll learn about how focusing your mission on the lives of your community, careful listening and research, and major innovations can lead to increased attendance, diversity, and sustainable revenue. Learn more
Speakers : Gary Stoppelman Newfields, Indianapolis

Corporate membership: From brand alignment to mission fulfillment

In this session, learn how institutions of all sizes can adapt corporate membership to support their strategic goals while achieving greater fundraising success. Learn more
Speakers : Will Cary Barnes Foundation
10.45 am

Pause café

Enjoy refreshments and network with your peers.  Learn more
11.15 am

Cultivating Future Philanthropists: A New Mindset

Discover how to cultivate future donors and board members among entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Learn more
Speakers : Kendra Foley School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Adapting to success – English National Ballet’s individual giving journey

Join Silvia to discover the journey of Individual Giving at English National Ballet over the last 4 years including Friends and Patrons schemes, to philanthropically driven giving models, new legacy programming and a new approach to fundraising appeals. Learn more
Speakers : Silvia Melchior English National Ballet

Master the Art of International Giving

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, English National Ballet, National Gallery of Denmark and National Gallery of Australia reveal their strategies in attracting collectors and philanthropists from across the world. Learn more
Speakers : Silvia Melchior English National Ballet, Hanne Støvring American Friends of SMK, Daphne Butler Birdsey The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alison Wright National Gallery of Australia
01.15 pm

Lunch + Free Museum Visits

Enjoy lunch and visit the Jewish Museum's permanent collection with your peers. Learn more
02.00 pm

Bank of America: Enhancing a Global Brand Locally Through Arts & Culture

Garrett Gin, Senior Vice President for Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Bank of America joins John Giurini, Assistant Director for Public Affairs at the J. Paul Getty Museum to discuss the challenges and successes of Bank of America's support for the Pacific Standard Times initiatives.  Learn more
Speakers : John Giurini J. Paul Getty Museum, Garrett Gin Bank of America
Face to Face

The Future of Corporate Membership

A candid conversation between museum and corporate member. American Express, Jewish Museum and MCNY join the panel to discuss the challenges of corporate giving in the United States chaired by Anne'O Malley, VP of Membership at New York Public Radio. Learn more
Speakers : Richard Brown American Express, Lori B. White Jewish Museum, Polly Rua Museum of the City of New York, Anne O'Malley New York Public Radio
03.45 pm

World café

Enjoy a break, refreshments and network with your peers.  Learn more
04.00 pm

The Prix Elysée: a case study of an innovative public-private partnership

Pascal Hufschmid shares the practical challenges in designing and running a prize that helps all stakeholders – a state museum, an Haute Horlogerie brand and artists from all over the world. Learn more
Speakers : Pascal Hufschmid Musée de l'Elysée

From Cultural Organisation to Business Hub

The Institut du Monde Arabe has decided to become a place for culture AND a platform for business. Discover the challenges the organisation had to face in turning a provocative initiative into a major source of income. Learn more
Speakers : Adèle Parrilla Institut du Monde Arabe, David Bruckert Institut du Monde Arabe
04.45 pm

Key to success for reaching out to corporate donors

How do you craft your messages to appeal to donors? What do you think resonates with corporate donors? In a highly factual and practical session, Kola will give us his insight into building a successful case for support. Learn more
Speakers : Kola Luu National Gallery Singapore
06.00 pm

Cocktail Reception hosted by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy

Enjoy an exclusive cocktail reception at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy located on 972 5th Ave, New York, NY 10075. Learn more

Full Working Day Hosted by the Museum of the City of New York

1220 5th Ave & 103rd Street, New York

09.00 am

Welcome back

Jerry Gallagher, Chief Operating Officer of the Museum of the City of New York welcome the delegation to the second day of Culture Business NYC.  Learn more
Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda, Jerry Gallagher Museum of the City of New York

Keeping your Eye on the Ball: Are new cultural building projects a distraction?

How Southbank Centre's failed capital project led to a rethink about how to use the open spaces left behind and focus on what is most important - attracting audiences. Learn more
Speakers : Chris Denton Southbank Centre

Mark Your Ground : Building The Shed's Capital Campaign

Margaret will take us through the $550M campaign she is leading to build The Shed and the ongoing base of support that will undergird the organization after the opening.  Learn more
Speakers : Margaret Pomeroy Hunt The Shed

Continue the conversation

This is your chance to connect with the speakers, dig deeper, have candid 'peer to peer' conversations, ask questions and give feedback. The three conversations will run simultaneously. Chose one session among the three.

10.30 am

1 - Continue the conversation with Margaret Hunt and Chris Denton

Participants discuss capital campaigns strategies and audiences with Margaret Hunt and Chris Denton. Learn more
Speakers : Margaret Pomeroy Hunt The Shed, Chris Denton Southbank Centre

2 - Continue the conversation with Kola Luu

Join Kola to share your best practices on economic impact reports and securing corporate sponsorship.  Learn more
Speakers : Kola Luu National Gallery Singapore

3 - Continue the conversation with Pascal Hufschmid, Adèle Parrilla and David Bruckert

Let's discuss creative ways in which we can engage with the corporate sector.  Learn more
Speakers : Adèle Parrilla Institut du Monde Arabe, Pascal Hufschmid Musée de l'Elysée

Case studies : Group 1

Choose 1 workshop among the 3 sessions below

11.30 am

1 - Stepping stones in creating a unique American Friends program

Join the workshop to understand how the SMK went about promoting Danish art in the United States and building a strong AF program.  Learn more
Speakers : Hanne Støvring American Friends of SMK

3 - Planting the Seed in the Tech Sector: How to Get Tech Companies and Startups Through the Doors of Your Cultural Institution

In this session we’ll break down what tech companies are hoping to get from the museum experience and how cultural institutions can successfully attract the support of the startup community. Learn more
Speakers : Elizabeth Dobrska TUGG

2 - Earning the Encore: A Vision of Value

Join the workshop and learn practical tools to rethink your organisation's sponsorship centric relationships and shift towards new partnership models. Learn more
Speakers : Linda Soklich Arts Centre Melbourne, Sonia Higgins Vievero, Steven Higgins Vievero, Matthew Morse Creative Partnerships Australia
12.45 pm

Lunch and Free Museum Visit

Enjoy lunch and the exhibitions on show at the Museum of the City of New York.  Learn more
02.00 pm

Board Business

This session will explore some of the barriers Boards can contribute to effective fundraising along with ideas on how to deal with the challenges. Learn more
Speakers : Janine Collins J9ccc

Case studies : Group 2

Choose to attend one case study among the two below.

02.30 pm

1 - Fundraisers Using Data – O.M.G.

When you pair the great instincts of fundraisers in the field with solid business intelligence, you have the foundation for fundraising success. Join the workshop to find out if you are working where you can expect the greatest return on your relationship investment. Learn more
Speakers : Erin Koppel Tessitura Network

2 - Tapping into American generosity – An introduction for foreign cultural institutions

This session will provide an introduction to giving in the United States, explore key elements of the ‘American model of fundraising’, and highlight tips for foreign institutions seeking to reach out to U.S. based donors. Learn more
Speakers : Jean Paul Warmoes King Baudouin Foundation United States
03.15 pm

Pause café

Enjoy a short break with your peers. Learn more
03.45 pm

Never Waste a Good Crisis

In times of crisis, be prepared to engage with corporate sponsors, private donors and the broader community to effectively demonstrate the cultural value of your organisation. . Learn more
Speakers : Sue Sinclair Auckland Art Gallery

After the Gift, the Fun Begins

Together we will look at ways to surprise and delight donors, help your organization make a personal and emotional connection with the donors, and surpass their expectations. Learn more
Speakers : Jill Westgard Yale School Of Architecture and Yale School of Art
05.00 pm

Key Learnings

Corinne Estrada concludes the conference with key learnings and formally closes the conference.  Learn more
Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda