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The Art of Fundraising

Culture Business tackles the issues facing arts fundraisers today.

How does one prospect, cultivate and retain a corporate sponsor? How can a crisis be transformed into an opportunity? What are the steps involved in designing, adopting and sticking to an effective long-term fundraising strategy? How can we best engage with our boards and committees? What type of development staffing structure is most conducive to success in fundraising?

Culture Business Canberra focuses on corporate sponsorship, philanthropy, innovative revenue generation and development staffing models to provide fundraisers with the tools to take their expertise to the next level.


12.00 pm

Visit the National Library of Australia

Visit the exhibition Beauty Rich and Rare at the National Library of Australia, a short walk from host venue National Gallery of Australia. Learn more

Welcome - National Gallery of Australia

02.00 pm

Welcome to Country

Culture Business Canberra acknowledges the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples as the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet. Learn more
Face to Face

Fundraising Masterclass

02.15 pm


Nick Mitzevich, Director of the National Gallery of Australia, for an interactive masterclass on arts development and fundraising in Australia. Learn more
Speakers : Nick Mitzevich National Gallery of Australia

What's new at the NGA

Pick the brains of one of Australia's most impressive and influential arts leaders. Learn more
Speakers : Nick Mitzevich National Gallery of Australia

Welcome Reception - Canberra Museum & Gallery

06.00 pm

Welcome Reception & Exhibition Preview

Enjoy a drink and bite to eat with fellow delegates at the Canberra Museum & Gallery, complemented by an intimate visit of the exhibition 'Eurovisions: Contemporary Art from the Goldberg Collection'. Learn more

The Big Picture

09.00 am

Australian philanthropy today: trends, changes and implications for the arts

Examining the rapidly changing landscape of arts philanthropy, its beneficiaries and those who are set to struggle. Learn more
Speakers : John McLeod JB Were

Cash and compromise - navigating the ethical dollar

How do we ensure our brand values are maintained in a complex world of philanthropy and corporate sponsorship? Learn more
Speakers : Alison Wright National Gallery of Australia

Building Trust: donor management & the new Royal Academy

In 2013, the Royal Academy secured funds for the biggest redevelopment in its history. But over its five-year implementation, plans had to change. Learn more
Speakers : Will Dallimore Royal Academy of Arts, Laura Sears Execucare Ltd


11.00 am

Arts Philanthropy in Singapore: Effective fundraising from the inside out

A perspective from Singapore on internal governance and inter-portfolio collaboration in performing arts fundraising. Learn more
Speakers : Peggy Kek Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Fiona Menzies Creative Partnerships Australia
Face to Face

Continue the Conversation

12.00 pm

1 - Alison Wright

Speak further with Alison Wright about the Big Picture. Learn more
Speakers : Alison Wright National Gallery of Australia
Face to Face

2 - Will Dallimore

Speak further with Will Dallimore about strong relationships and redevelopments. Learn more
Speakers : Will Dallimore Royal Academy of Arts
Face to Face

3 - Peggy Kek

Speak further with Peggy Kek about looking at fundraising from the inside out. Learn more
Speakers : Peggy Kek Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Face to Face

Philanthropy cont.

01.30 pm

Giving and asking: the view from both perspectives

A candid conversation between one of Australia's foremost philanthropists and the largest development body for the arts and culture. Learn more
Speakers : Rupert Myer , Fiona Menzies Creative Partnerships Australia

Data Driven Fundraising

They say that data is a fundraiser's secret weapon. Fundraising in the arts is relationship based, so how do we use this secret weapon to increase and not undermine these relationships? Learn more
Speakers : Kenneth Watkins The Australian Ballet, Alecia Benzie West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Este Darin-Cooper Creative Partnerships Australia

Case Studies

03.00 pm

1 - Stories from the national youth theatre

Learn from the Australian Theatre for Young People about their successful annual appeal. Learn more
Speakers : Andrew Deane Australian Theatre for Young People
Case Study

2- Kick-starting the giving community out of disaster (and building it for the long-term)

Before the earthquakes there wasn’t a strong giving culture around the Christchurch Art Gallery - but a unique relationship and model that was born out of the 2010-2011 Christchurch earthquakes which forced the Gallery to close for five years. Learn more
Speakers : Jo Blair Brown Bread
Case Study

3 - Membership benefits: good for business, good for all

Research across the sector has shown that members initially join then maintain their membership for a variety of reasons, so tapping into members ‘core’ alignment to the organisation is good for business, and good for them. Learn more
Speakers : Deanna Varga Mayvin Global, Lynda Kelly LyndaKellyNetworks

Corporate Partnerships

04.00 pm

Partnering for Impact - Exploring a New Partnership Mindset

Arts Centre Melbourne and PwC have pioneered a new approach to partnering demonstrating the high impact outcomes that a highly collaborative and co-designed approach can deliver. Learn more
Speakers : Fiona Poletti Arts Centre Melbourne, James van Smeerdijk PricewaterhouseCoopers

Position Yourself to Be Kissed: the 3 critical steps to sponsorship success

Learn the 3 essential steps to fundamentally transform your sponsorship results. Learn more
Speakers : Bruce McKaskill Fit Sponsorship Group, Tim Wood Fit Sponsorship Group

Cocktail Reception - National Museum of Australia

06.00 pm

Welcome to the National Museum of Australia

Mathew Trinca, Director, welcomes the Culture Business Canberra delegates to the National Museum of Australia. Learn more
Speakers : Mathew Trinca National Museum of Australia

Organisational Structure

09.00 am

Aspiration, not desperation

Working from a model of aspiration to design and build new ways for artists and audiences to experience music together, Sheena tracks the winding road in designing the future and creating a community in the making. Learn more
Speakers : Sheena Boughen Four Winds

Building corporate relationships that last: A model for increased engagement and fundraising

Will Cary unpacks the personalised approach that underpins the Barnes Foundation's development strategies. Learn more
Speakers : Will Cary Barnes Foundation, Matthew Morse Creative Partnerships Australia

The intersection of marketing and fundraising

Explore how these major functions of an arts organisation can mutually benefit from working together. Learn more
Speakers : Fiona Hulton Bell Shakespeare, Debra Reinecke Bell Shakespeare, Julia Gregg Contemporary Arts Precincts Ltd
11.00 am

World café

Brainstorm as you network with your peers. Learn more

Workshops & Case Studies I

11.15 am

1 - Earning the encore: a vision of value

Innovative NFPs are unlocking the value they can provide to partners through a range of assets - intellectual property, influence, branding, networks, engagement, volunteering, learning, cultural transformation, and innovation - by means of a solution focused-approach to partnerships. Learn more
Speakers : Linda Soklich Arts Centre Melbourne, Sonia Higgins Vievero

2 - Using emotional intelligence to improve your fundraising

Suzanne is an educator in people and organisation management in global business. Through theoretical expertise and practical examples, sharpen your skills to bring your walk up to your talk. Learn more
Speakers : Suzanne Salter Leadership Nouveau

3 - Corporations are people: A case study around maximizing corporate engagement

This case study will focus on one company that the Barnes Foundation (Philadelphia, USA) has built a strong relationship with over time that has resulted in larger donations, more members, and younger audiences. Learn more
Speakers : Will Cary Barnes Foundation
Case Study

4 - Supporting structures - philanthropic skillsets and team profiles in Australian and New Zealand cultural enterprises

Amalia will share key findings from Tessitura Network’s inaugural Australia and New Zealand Regional Philanthropy Report – exploring the evolution and diversification of skills required to navigate our region’s changing philanthropic landscape. Through an interactive exercise, participants will have the opportunity to consider their own organisation’s core growth areas and assess their readiness to maximise these based on current skillsets, resources and enterprise-wide support. Learn more
Speakers : Amalia Hordern Tessitura Network

New Revenue Streams

01.45 pm

Setting up separately - structure and governance at the National Gallery Company

The National Gallery Company (NGC) has a unique set up in that it is not a trading subsidiary of the National Gallery, but a separate limited commercial company owned by the National Gallery Trust, where the focus is on profit generation from trading. Learn more
Speakers : Julie Molloy National Gallery Company, Deanna Varga Mayvin Global
Case Study

CultureBank - A new investment paradigm for the arts

YBCA's newly launched investment paradigm for the arts, CultureBank, is about evolving current impact investment strategies to elevate the role of artists and their capacity to develop vision and lift value in communities. Learn more
Speakers : Deborah Cullinan Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

New revenue stream examples from the UK and US - Q&A

Your opportunity to ask your burning questions regarding the new revenue stream examples from the UK and the USA. Learn more
Speakers : Deborah Cullinan Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Julie Molloy National Gallery Company
Face to Face

Workshops & Case Studies II

02.45 pm

1 - What Impact?

What is a theory of change? What can your organisation measure? How can you tell a story of impact? Learn more
Speakers : Bridget Jones Wavelength, Lynda Kelly LyndaKellyNetworks
Case Study

2 - Proving ROI - attracting and retaining donors using data

Outlining the ways arts organisations can measure the value they create for their community and use powerful data to prove the impact of investment. Learn more
Speakers : Michael Chappell Culture Counts

3 - Investing in trust: Placing people at the heart of your fundraising strategy

With a corporate sponsorship agreement supported by strong data, a solidly negotiated contract and clear goals, nothing could go wrong… but what happens when it does? Learn more
Speakers : Pascal Hufschmid Musée de l'Elysée
Case Study

Closing Keynote

04.00 pm

Hustler - BalletLab's fundraising journey

Speakers : Phillip Adams Phillip Adams BalletLab