You can now relive the moment and share the Culture Business Melbourne programme wth your colleagues. Simply click on the session of your choice and find the links to download the key learnings and speaker’s presentation at the top of every page.
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From 11:00am - 1:00pm, a free workshop and lunch took place at Asialink Arts focusing on partnership and patronage at the National Gallery Singapore. Address: The Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room, level 1, Sidney Myer Asia Centre (SMAC), Building 158, 761 Swanston Street, Melbourne

11.00 am

Art & business a the National Gallery, Singapore: new partnerships and new audiences

Delegates were given fascinating insights into the new partnership models that have been developed at the Gallery. Learn more
Speakers : Kola Luu National Gallery Singapore


It is compulsory to pre-register and purchase a ticket to attend the Best Practice Training. Prior to the conference, join us at the State Libray Victoria to revolutionise your organisation and get all your colleagues on board.

01.30 pm


Delegates attending the Best Practice Training are welcome to pick up their badge from 1:30pm. Learn more


A warm welcome to all attending the Best Practice Training Learn more

Part 1: Inside the development team

The first session focuses on the required competencies to be successful in a development role and how to motivate and enhance the performance of your team? Learn more
Speakers : Richard Woodward Richard Woodward and Associates

Part 2: The overall organisation

Find out how to build a business development spirit in your organisation and transform the mindset of your staff members. Learn more
Speakers : Michelle Stein The British Museum

Part 3: Interactive group exercise

A short and sharp debrief activity to identify the key learnings and focus on our action plans. Learn more
Speakers : Richard Woodward Richard Woodward and Associates, Corinne Estrada Agenda
08.00 pm

Friendly Dinner

Register online to enjoy an informal dinner with fellow delegates at the trendy Magic Mountain Saloon restaurant. There are only 20 tickets on sale so don't miss your chance to attend. Learn more


International speakers will highlight the latest trends and issues in fundraising.

08.00 am

Registration and coffee

Registrations will take place in front of the ' The Pavilion' conference room on level 8 of the Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Pick up your badge, grab your coffee and start networking! Learn more
09.00 am


Speakers : Fiona Menzies Creative Partnerships Australia, Corinne Estrada Agenda, Claire Spencer Arts Centre Melbourne

What is the worst that can happen?

John Rodgers, former Director of Development at the National Theater London will talk about the need and benefits of taking risks. He says that bold, ambitious and sometimes risky initiatives in the cultural sector can prove to be highly attractive to existing or new sources of funding. Learn more
Speakers : John Rodgers National Theatre

The producer's approach to funding a project

Sponsorships towards facilitating the arts and making them flourish are necessities in the same way that funding for research and development is a primary need to resolve today’s challenges. Learn more
Speakers : Sanjoy K Roy Teamwork Arts

Interactive discussion

Sanjoy K Roy and John Rodgers will help the audience to work together and think differently about their fundraising strategies. Learn more
Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda, John Rodgers National Theatre, Sanjoy K Roy Teamwork Arts
11.30 am

The pros and cons of arts partnerships with global luxury and consumer brands.

Laura Sears will explore the enormous advantages of this kind of alliance above and beyond the financial support given. She will also discuss some of the challenges of working with these brands Learn more
Speakers : Laura Sears Execucare Ltd

Capital Projects: Building the Future of the Cultural Organisation

What does it mean to be a cultural centre in the 21st Century? How do you relate to your local communities and open up culture? Successful fundraising campaigns result when fundraising and communications come together as a public manifestation of the organisation and its work. Learn more
Speakers : Caroline McCormick Achates Philanthropy


01.30 pm

What makes a successful corporate partnership?

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and Principal Partner HSBC Bank Australia share the secrets of their 20 year partnership. Learn more
Speakers : Jo Allwood Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands, Alpa Bhattacharjee HSBC

The value of measuring impact

This panel will discuss wellbeing and other impact indicators, use of research in the case for support and using audience impact feedback to develop compelling partnership proposals. Learn more
Speakers : Sandra Robertson Melbourne Recital Centre, John Smithies Cultural Development Network, Jody Evans Melbourne Business School, Fiona Poletti Arts Centre Melbourne, Meredith Martin University of Melbourne
03.30 pm

Pitch your proposal

This group exercice is the chance for delegates to debate the key learnings and to ask the speakers their pending questions. Learn more

Where does sponsorship sit?

A panel of three CEOs will focus on the structure within arts organisations and the ways to include the right staff in your sponsorship initiatives. Learn more
Speakers : Fiona Menzies Creative Partnerships Australia, Richard Evans Australian Chamber Orchestra, Gerard Vaughan National Gallery of Australia, Dilshani Weerasinghe Queensland Ballet


07.30 pm

Evening Cocktail Reception at ACMI

Enjoy an exceptional evening reception in an exclusive cultural venue in Melbourne. Learn more


09.00 am

Who are the "next generation" of donors?

This panel discussion will focus on young donors. How are they different and how do you mobilize them? Learn more
Speakers : Yvonne Zammit Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Tiffany Lucas Arnold Bloch Leibler, Janine Collins J9ccc, Belinda Bentley Radley Property

The Believe campaign at the University of Melbourne

Alex Furman will focus on both the art and science behind major gift fundraising and show us that small arts organsiations can also adapt to these strategies. Learn more
Speakers : Alex Furman University of Melbourne

Should we be educating our donors?

Should we focus on educating donors on what we do and more on how our arts organisation make them feel. A radical re-think on educating any external funders. Learn more
Speakers : Michelle Stein The British Museum

If you've got it, flaunt it

What is the key to transforming small organisations? Being bold, telling your story, flaunting your talent and just making people laugh. Learn more
Speakers : Simon Abrahams Fringe Melbourne


12.00 pm

Revolutionise your development programme

Drawing from her success at Melbourne Theatre Company, Chanticleer in the US and the Foundation for Young Australians - Tiffany discussed the strategies that work, and pitfalls to avoid, to take your fundraising and corporate partnerships to the next level. Learn more
Speakers : Tiffany Lucas Arnold Bloch Leibler
Case Study

Where to from here? Data defined donor journeys

A condensed workshop based on the Tessitura Network Enterprise Consulting approach to donor engagement. Delegates learnt to distill the information genuinely vital to fostering individual donor and prospect relationships. Learn more
Speakers : Amalia Hordern Tessitura Network

Pending questions: ask the experts

Delegates joined a roundtable discussion to delve deeper into the subjects raised during previous keynotes and get individual advice from international experts.   Learn more
Speakers : Caroline McCormick Achates Philanthropy, Michelle Stein The British Museum, Laura Sears Execucare Ltd


02.00 pm

Sponsorship and China

With more and more arts companies undertaking touring and associated activities in China, what do you need to know about securing and successfully servicing sponsors in China? Learn more
Speakers : Yvonne Zammit Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Making International Touring Exhibitions Pay their Way

How does ACMI leverage its partnerships to create successful touring products, and balance commercial initiative with its cultural remit and brand integrity? Learn more
Speakers : Chris Harris The Australian Centre for the Moving Image
04.15 pm

Cultural entrepreneurship or being entrepreneurial in a cultural environment

By sharing insights into the Van Gogh Museum’s projects, Alice showed the audience how to secure additional income by adopting new business models and fundraising activities. Learn more
Speakers : Alice van der Slikke Van Gogh Museum

Closing remarks

A short session to remind ourselves of the key learnings we will share with our colleagues on Monday morning. Learn more
Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda, Fiona Menzies Creative Partnerships Australia
05.00 pm

Farewell drink

Culture Business delegates are welcome to buy a drink at the Arts Centre's bar and enjoy an informal evening with their peers. Learn more