Thank you to all of you for all of your hard work and active participation in Culture Business.

The programme demanded a lot and you all entered into the spirit of the interactive sessions with such dynamism. Thanks to your energy, this second international meeting has been very rich in sharing experiences and knowledge.

The three workshops of the day: the World CafĂ©, Negotiation and Speed-Meeting events, ensured intense networking. The working in groups allowed for the building of key learnings from successful projects. You spoke a lot about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and of social philanthropy which are today at the heart of the issues faced by sponsors. Total and Fondation Orange let us know what their expectations are as sponsors and how they need to have return on investment. Jane Marriott’s methodology as Director of Development at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, with her 42 strong development team, was particularly appreciated as she outlined her commercial and ‘branding’ approach to sponsorship.

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