Chicago Scenic Studios

Conference Partners

Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc. has spent nearly 40 years mastering the complexities of dynamic and challenging environments with a variety of clients, designers, architects, and GC’s to create experiences that excite and inspire. We’re in the business of building magical, unique experiences people will remember for a lifetime.

Our family of storytellers, producers, and artisans all live by these corporate values:

1. Deliver beyond expectations
2. Act like an owner with our customers’ point of view,
3. Always collaborate to take care of our customers, our partners and each other.

By applying innovative engineering, unique finish techniques, and advanced fabrication methods, we deliver committed partner-driven project management and all our work is backed by these values from start to finish.

As a seasoned specialty theming contractor we’ve built educational experiences, engaging environments and memorable entertainment attractions of all types.

We make it all happen under one roof at our expansive Chicago-based 165,000 sq. ft. facility, from carpentry and electrical to metalworking and painting, our department heads work seamlessly together. Our craftsmen collaborate with project management teams who troubleshoot, ideate, and lead every step of the way.

Our modern equipment including CNC router, water jet, and custom heated spray booth, allows our group of seasoned artisans to create, innovate and test fabrication techniques as needed for projects.

Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience is one of the fundamental differences that clients find when they work with us. We take lessons we’ve learned from various industries and creatively apply them to deliver solutions and efficiencies that set us apart time and time again.

What our projects all have in common is Chicago Scenic’s success in eagerly meeting new challenges and our deep commitment to collaboration. Clients consider us valued partners versus suppliers. We’re consistently called upon for our insights and knowledge.

As brand stewards, our approach is to personify your objectives as if they were our own.