« The journey of my life » WIELS x Thalys, Education Partners

Wednesday 30 May
07:30 PM

Learn about the unique collaboration between WIELS and Thalys:  «  The journey of my life »


Thalys WielsIn 20 years, Thalys has become more than a brand : a European symbol. As a transporter, international travels are part of its DNA. Thalys runs through four territories, each rich of history and culture. Thalys is loyal to its commitment in the cultural domain, and therefore, is proud to affiliate with and financially support the Workshops on travels organized by the WIELS.


These creative workshops, organized on Wednesdays, consist of maximum fifteen women, who are volunteers in a community center near the Gare du Midi. There, they can take part in different activities, such as drawing, painting, embroidering, and so on. Thanks to Thalys’ financial contribution, these workshops are led by a professional artist, Katherine Longly. In addition to this creative aspect, they also represent a unique time during which the women can express themselves on subjects they rarely speak about, like travelling, its specific meaning to them, and the related memories they keep buried…



Thalys Wiels

Thalys completes these workshops and its social commitment by bringing its skills and knowledge about travels. Thus, the women had the opportunity to visit the Gare du Midi, with access to locations usually closed to the public. Thalys also offered them the chance to travel to Paris. This allowed the women to discover a new transportation means and to tour this city that most of them only dreamt of. Finally, Thalys enhances its support to the project by engaging all of its employees. Indeed, the WIELS will expose the artwork created during the workshops, and Thalys wishes to build awareness among its employees, by inviting them to discover the exhibition and to meet the artist and these women who became the life of these workshops.



Thalys Wiels