The BOZAR experience

Monday 28 May
@ BOZAR Hall Victor Horta
04:30 PM
Face to Face



This year BOZAR is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Art nouveau architect Victor Horta designed the Centre for Fine Arts, the first of its kind in Europe, as an institute that is open to all the arts and all kinds of people. With its 53,000 square metres and eight floors it’s a cultural city within the city and the ideal place to begin a conversation about the role of art in our society. BOZAR is a federal institution but it also brings European values to the forefront. BOZAR sees itself as an open house with a multi and interdisciplinary programme which is open to people from all walks of life.

BOZAR welcomes 1.3 million visitors each year and plays host to more than 15 major exhibitions, 250 concerts, 300 film screenings, theatre, architecture, dance performances and debates.

Museums preserve, collect, interpret and mediate heritage to diverse audiences but they have to go beyond that, to act as cultural accelerators. BOZAR contributes to this with engaging exhibitions that are enhanced by the visitors’ input, so that the public is involved in a process of joint cultural production. In this model the audience no longer exists and everyone is a participant. But what can be said about the educational and economic value of participation?

Participation, co-creation and interactivity are no longer BUZZ words but a reality.