Private encounters with collectors

Sunday 27 May
04:00 PM

Join a very intimate and exclusive tour of the personal collection of contemporary and modern art patrons.


First Hosts: Bruno & Gael van Lierde

Bruno has been a partner with Boston Consulting Group, and Gael was a director for Barbara Gladstone Gallery.

Bruno started the collection in the mid eighties with conceptual artists showed in France and Belgium and it moved towards international young and mid career artists with a predilection for abstraction.

Permanent installation by Pierre Huyghe and a selection of Marcel Broodthaers editions. (Image Credit: Bruno & Gael van Lierde)

Second Host: Alain Servais

Coming from the financial sector, where for years he has worked as an investment banker, the Brussels-based collector Alain Servais prides himself on taking a holistic view of the systems powering the global art industry, applying market models to predict future trends—and swoop in on overlooked opportunities. He is also, crucially, a passionate lover of art, and someone who believes in its capacity to change society for the better.

Alain Servais, started collecting art in the late 1990s. In 2000, he moved into a 900-square meter old factory which he transformed into a three-storey loft, located in a working-class neighborhood of northern Brussels. This is where he lives and works, as well as showing his contemporary art.

Artists: Ian Cheng, Hito Steyerl, Julieta Aranda, Nina Beier, Robert Rauschenberg, Liu Chuang, Fritzia Irizar, Richard Tuttle, Tabor Robak, Hiwa K, John Gerrard, Julien Charrière, Jon Rafman, Ryan Trecartin, Hassan Sharif