A museum accessible for all

Wednesday 30 May
@ European Parliament
03:00 PM
Case Study

Recent winner of the prize « Osez le Musée », the Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille will share its visitor-focus strategy.

The Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille first opened its doors over two hundred years ago; now, 20 years after its reopening, the museum is reinventing itself to accommodate new practices and meet the expectations of today’s visitors.

Anne Françoise Lemaître, Director of Development and Communication, and Juliette Barthélémy, who is responsible for visitor development, will provide a few examples to illustrate the museum’s new strategy and major « mediation » focuses.
A new management has collaborated with the museum’s teams in the drafting of a masterplan for the 10 years to come, comprising 5 main steps designed to breathe new life into the museum by making visitors and collections central to its concerns.

With the revamped atrium inaugurated in 2017, the museum has already equipped itself with a new living area providing a range of new services and an innovative digital offer.
Reorganisation of collections is set to follow, in a series of four stages each subject to approval by committees of experts and users of all ages, while mediation will be reinforced via direct encounters with artworks and getting visitors themselves to take the floor.