Presenting European history with multiple perspectives

The permanent exhibition of the House of European History is not just an addition to the multiplicity of narratives on national history, but it examines historical developments and events which have been formative in different ways for the whole continent.


The presentation will give the audience a sense of the main conceptual decisions and theoretical ideas behind the exhibit, including the chosen time periods and main topics.  In the case study, we will give some specific examples to show how we deal with the complexity of this subject matter and how we engage visitors in thinking European.


We will talk about the unique challenge of providing the content in 24 languages and explore the key messages of the House of European History. We will share with the audience the thematic and trans-national approach that was taken to create our educational offerings.   Through a case study we will highlight the central themes of our school and teacher workshops, including examples of our multilingual resources developed for the museum’s target groups which are available on-site as well as digitally.


At the end of the presentation, we will encourage participants to share their ideas about reaching out to diverse audiences across Europe to create a dynamic forum of intergenerational learning here at the House of European History.