4 – Exploring the world, discovering ourselves – collections, communities and collaboration

Wednesday 30 May
@ Royal Museums of Fine Arts
09:30 AM
Case Study

Voyages of exploration – historical cultural and personal – lie at heart of Royal Museums Greenwich’s new Endeavour Galleries.  In different ways, the galleries examine how men and women ventured beyond Britain’s shores to explore the ends of the Earth.  The galleries will not only reveal how the peoples and cultures encountered by explorers were irrevocably changed by this contact, but also how Britain was, and continues to be, transformed in the process.


Mike will be profiling the museum’s work with communities to unlock the full potential of the Museum’s rich collections, profiling a range of innovative projects that have led to new perspectives surrounding our themes and collections.  The projects are aimed at removing barriers, creating ownership, representing hidden histories and collaborating with communities to create a more social and inspiring experience.