3 – Developing strategic approaches to content, conversation and audience engagement and a digital first user experience

Wednesday 30 May
@ Royal Museums of Fine Arts
09:30 AM
Case Study

The idea of museum visitors encountering the museum first and maybe even only online stresses the importance of museums to adapt the visitor experience, delivering multichannel experiences, mastering multimedia storytelling as well as online and onsite audience engagement. Building capacity for these convergent or blended projects that deliver value across the museum’s public ecosystem as seamless experiences means bringing different competencies together, scaling both strategic content production and engaging in online conversation.

Kajsa Hartig, business developer and digital strategist at the Nordiska museet, Stockholm, Sweden, will share the experiences and outcomes from a pilot initiative that aimed at engaging a younger audience with the museum’s archives and collections. The initiative, lasting five months, combined online engagement with program activities in the museum. By performing an innovative pilot project, the museum could take a first step towards a blended digital first museum experience, and at the same time build capacity to better navigate challenges towards current work practices.