2 – XperiBIRD.be – Inquiry-based learning everywhere

Tuesday 29 May
03:20 PM
Case Study

For 9 years, the Museum of natural Sciences runs a science truck, XperiLAB.be, through Belgium. The truck hosts 9 mini-labs aiming at experiencing the scientific method thanks to hands-on displays.

A grant from Google.org allowed us to add the XperiBIRD.be project. A custom-designed “birdbox-camera” kit including a nano-computer is distributed to schools. Pupils observe bird nesting behaviour AND collect data in a scientific way, getting used to technology. Those data are published on our website and studied by our scientists.

This engages pupils, with the help of RBINS professional scientists, to participate in a real citizenscience project, with all its excitement and uncertainties. The aim is to stimulate their interest in sciences and new information technologies and to collect a large amount of data about nesting habits of passerine birds across Belgium.