1.1 – I Can Create

« I Can Create » is a design program at Designmuseum Denmark, which is aimed at asylum-seeking children from primary and lower secondary school. All the participating children and teachers come from the same Red Cross school and the project has been put into the world in collaboration with leaders and teachers from this school. Design Museum Danmark was awarded the prestigious DASA award for its outreach work in the autumn of 2017. This includes a new CSR strategy which focuses on developing design pedagogics for vulnerable children and young people, amongst them unaccompanied asylum seekers. The project “I can create” gives the children and young people, who often can’t communicate in Danish, the chance to step outside their role as marginalized voices in society.

The presentation will give the audience a sense of how a museum can work with CSR in a disrupted world, not only as an aspect of its own business and in relation to its local communities, but by also developing tools and a pedagogic, which have a much further reach. The presentation will also show how the special nature of the design process and design pedagogic enable the museum to engage with the vulnerable children and young people in a different way than a regular outreach approach.