Communicating the museum paris agenda


The Power of Education


During 4 days, the 300 participants of the conference analysed trends, shared best practices and answered the following questions, What is the role of museums in today’s political and social issues? How do you get educators, curators and communicants to work together? How can museum transform the field through learning, community building, and innovative practice?


Agenda collaborated with students from Sciences Po to get their input on the topics discussed. Please find their key learnings below

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09.30 am

Welcome to Communicating the Museum Paris

Corinne Estrada, founder of Communicating the Museum welcomes you to Paris for the 18th edition of the conference. Learn more
Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda, Anne-Laure Beatrix Musée du Louvre, Mark Goggin Sydney Living Museums

The emotional brain and learning

The emotional brain and learning

Learn from David Sander, expert in neuroscience, about how an emotional brain may facilitate attention and memory, two mechanisms that are key for learning and education. Learn more
Speakers : David Sander University of Geneva

The Benefits for your Institution

All Schools Should Be Art Schools

BBC's arts editor, Will Gompertz looks at some of the fundamental thought processes of artists and consider what and how we can all learn from them. Learn more
Speakers : Will Gompertz BBC
11.45 am

Workshop 1 - Education and Communication, an impossible collaboration?

Learn from the Royal Museums of Fine Arts how the education and communications departments collaborated for 2 years. Discover how a complicated relationship became a win-win situation for both departments. Learn more
Speakers : Isabelle Vanhoonacker Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Milene Chiovatto ICOM

Workshop 2 - Communicating the value of museum education programs to sponsors and donors

Richard will discuss how collaboration between communication, education and development teams is crucial to developing and communicating the value of museum education programs to sponsors and donors. Learn more
Speakers : Richard Woodward Richard Woodward and Associates

Workshop 3 - Visitors don’t belong to any department: work together!

Learn how the MAC Lyon education, exhibition and communication teams worked closely together to organize a 10-day Street Art festival and address the widest audience Learn more
Speakers : Muriel Jaby Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon

Workshop 4 - Go big or go home! How big education events are a brilliant way to communicate your brand and attract lots of visitors

It's very easy for even the biggest museums to focus their education efforts on adult talks and drop‑in activities for families. The real gains are made when education and marketing teams work together to develop large scale events that not only attract a broad audience but also project the museum’s core offer. Learn more
Speakers : Susan McCormack Ashmolean Museum, Eleanor Appleby Jane Wentworth Associates

Workshop 5 - Brazil’s Unique Cultural Model

Learn about SESC, the leading arts financing entity in Brazil and how it uses culture as a tool for education and transformation, to improve people’s lives. Learn more
Speakers : Danilo Miranda SESC Sao Paulo, Catherine Scharf Embassy of Switzerland in France

A New Model for Education

02.15 pm

Workshop 6 - Involving artists in your education programs

The Getty Artists Program extends the department's existing artist-based programs to include individual artist projects or residencies. Invitations are extended to artists who have shown a strong interest in education. Learn more
Speakers : John Giurini J. Paul Getty Museum

Workshop 7 - Time Management and Community Partnerships: What can museums bring to the table?

This session will highlight how time can be used effectively, powerfully and most importantly, thoughtfully. Case studies of interdepartmental collaborations and partnerships between the museum and community organizations such as schools and afterschool centers will be provided Learn more
Speakers : Corinne Flax Bruce Museum

Workshop 8 - Doing it for the Kids - Digital content

Join Sharna Jackson as she takes your through a tour of five key learnings she's had working on digital content in the cultural sector for the last 10 years, followed by a fast and fun digital content brainstorm. Learn more
Speakers : Sharna Jackson Consultant, The Design Museum

Workshop 9 - Kindling Fires in the Art Museum

Discover the Minneapolis Institute of Art education initiatives, and learn how they communicate that engagement and learning are core to Mia's mission. Learn more
Speakers : Karleen Gardner Minneapolis Institute of Art

Workshop 10 - Museums as spaces for connection, social mobilization & education: The FRM experience in Brazil

Learn about Rio museums' inclusive educational programs and constant dialogue with audiences, specifically with teachers and students. Learn more
Speakers : Hugo Barreto The Roberto Marinho Foundation
04.00 pm

Collective Intelligence Exercise

Corinne Estrada will host a group exercise for you to exchange ideas and debrief the workshops you attended. Learn more

The power of opening up

Discover nest, Nestlé Discovery Center and its playful, interactive trail. Learn more
Speakers : Catherine Saurais nest

Taking Art out of the Frame, and into Our Lives

In this talk, Erlend Høyersten from ARoS Art Museum, and Jake Barton, from Local Projects, will introduce ARoS Public, a new floor of the museum that uses art as a catalyst for learning by doing, and to inspire social connections. Learn more
Speakers : Jake Barton Local Projects, Erlend Høyersten ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Developing outreach and better welcoming visitors

Learn about the Louvre's education and engagement initiatives with Jean-Luc Martinez, President-Director of the Musée du Louvre Learn more
Speakers : Jean-Luc Martinez The Louvre

After-hours tour of the Louvre

06.00 pm

Guided visits

Discover the newly re-opened galleries dedicated to Flemish and Dutch paintings at the Musée du Louvre. Learn more


08.30 pm

Opening of David Hockney at Centre Pompidou

Join us at Centre Pompidou on Monday night for the opening of the exhibition David Hockney. Learn more

The Role of Museums in Society: Humanity and Social Action

09.00 am

A Humanist Museum

The MMFA is committed to making a Museum visit a positive and enriching experience by offering programmes adapted to the constantly changing realities and needs of the larger community. Learn more
Speakers : Thomas Bastien Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

From Me to We: Museum Education in Taiwan an Asian Context

Joy will share major trends about museum education in Taiwan illustrated by practical cases and relevant facts in neighboring countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and China. Learn more
Speakers : Joy Hsin National Museum of History

The importance of making learning and education institution-wide priorities

Javier Jimenez from Lord Cultural Resources will share a number of innovative approaches and lessons designed to assist museums in transforming their institutions into fully 21st century learning museums. Learn more
Speakers : Javier Jiménez Lord Cultural Ressources

Workshop 1 - Transformative Learning

11.30 am

How a blueprint approach for 10 difficult to handle youth worked for 250

Find out how, through the development of made to measure programs, S.M.A.K. aims to provoke the interest in art and culture with difficult to reach people in society. Learn more
Speakers : Peter Aerts S.M.A.K.

Let me see through your Eyes

Learn about Louisiana Museum of Modern Art various learning programmes with schools, young refugees and children with severe learning disabilities. Learn more
Speakers : Elisabeth Bodin Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Workshop 2 - Working with schools

Transforming the school, rethinking the museum

Find out about the tandem project between the Miquel Bleach School and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, a joint creation based on the school’s desire to use this project as a tool of transformation towards a new school model. Learn more
Speakers : Esther Fuertes Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Museums, Interculturality and Cultural Citizenship

In recent years the National Gallery of Denmark has explored and developed new educational initiatives in collaboration with Danish language centers for foreign adults learning Danish as a second language. Learn more
Speakers : Nana Bernhardt National Gallery of Denmark

Workshop 3 - Communities engagement

Diplomacy and Art Matter!

Learn how an exhibition and its world tour brought together a country, a museum and an artist. Learn more
Speakers : Pascal Hufschmid Musée de l'Elysée

Becoming more relevant in today’s society

Discover the LACMA's Art and Film lab that traveled to nine cities throughout Los Angeles and two adjacent counties serving primarily low-income families with filmmaking workshops, opportunities to record their oral histories, and weekend evening screenings. Learn more
Speakers : Jane Burrell Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Miranda Carroll Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Transforming Museum Education for the 21st Century - Part 1

02.00 pm


Keynote Session 1 - At Palais de la Découverte

Hands-On learning Experiences: Allowing Kids to Learn, Create, Fail, and Try Again

Discover how hands-on educational resources and solutions can make learning engaging, challenging and fun for all learners. Learn more
Speakers : Søren Thomsen LEGO Education

Museums, a place to nurture curious minds

Find out how Universcience is questioning and reinventing the way its museums interact with publics and how museums can play a crucial role in future types of education. Learn more
Speakers : Michèle Antoine Universcience

Keynote Session 2 - At Grand Palais

Mobile educational gaming

Discover global trends in visitor expectations and behaviors and learn about the RMN digital engagement strategy. Learn more
Speakers : Roei Amit RMN-Grand Palais, Sophie Radix RMN-Grand Palais

Promoting Russian literature and reaching out to communities - A Live Reading Marathon

Learn about Karenina: Live Edition, a project set out to demonstrate that culture in general, and in this case literature, is something that unites people all over the country and beyond. Learn more
Speakers : Fekla Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy State Museum
Case Study

Transforming Museum Education for the 21st Century - Part 2

03.30 pm

The Role of the Artist in Today's Society

Brazilian street artist Manoel Quitério joins the conversation to discuss the role of artists in our society. Learn more
Speakers : Manoel Quitério

Strengthening the social and educational role of your museum

Former Minister of Education, and current President of the Institut du monde arabe, Jack Lang will introduce this session by presenting the museum's outreach and education programmes. Learn more
Speakers : Jack Lang Institut du Monde Arabe

Creating dialogue and involving the public

Learn about the Van Gogh Museum education programmes and the impact they have on the museum, its communication and management. Learn more
Speakers : Axel Rüger Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Tate Exchange: The benefits and challenges of creating a participatory platform

This Keynote will outline the background and context to Tate Exchange, a new programme and series of spaces at Tate that operate as an open experiment in participation. Learn more
Speakers : Anna Cutler Tate Modern
Case Study

The Museum as a Generator

How can museums become places that invite and honor the creativity of others, places of exchange, and honor not only the work of a few artists? Learn more
Speakers : Wendy Woon The Museum of Modern Art.
Case Study
05.00 pm

Key Learnings

Discuss the key learnings of the conference. Learn more
Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda, Mark Goggin Sydney Living Museums

Gala Evening at La Monnaie de Paris

08.00 pm

Guided visits

During the Gala Evening, meet the Monnaie de Paris' craftsmen and learn how they shape precious ores, engrave style and time in metal and manufacture medals, awards, decorations, casts and jewelry. Learn more

Gala Cocktail

Enjoy a cocktail in La Monnaie de Paris, France's longest standing institution and the oldest enterprise in the world. Learn more

Learning Safari at the Palais de Tokyo

10.15 am


President, Jean de Loisy, will welcome participants to the Palais de Tokyo. Learn more

Workshop - Communication and Education at Palais de Tokyo

Annabelle Turkis, Communications Director, and Marion Buchloh, Head of Education, will present the museum's latest communications campaigns and education initiatives. Learn more
Speakers : Annabelle Türkis Palais de Tokyo, Marion Buchloh-Kollerbohm Palais de Tokyo

Guided Visits

Visit the Palais de Tokyo temporary exhibition, Dioramas Learn more

Lunch at L'Aquarium de Paris

01.30 pm


Enjoy lunch at the Paris Aquarium in les jardins du Trocadéro and in front of the Eiffel Tower. Learn more


Discover the Aquarium's latest exhibition « Corail : Cœur de vie ». Learn more

Visits at L'Institut du monde arabe

04.00 pm


Visit the Arab World Institute temporary exhibition "Trésors de l’islam en Afrique, De Tombouctou à Zanzibar". 300 multidisciplinary artworks demonstrate the rich artistic culture of Islam in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more

Visits at Le Musée de l'Homme


Discover the Musée de l'Homme temporary exhibition "Us and Them: From Prejudice to Racism" Learn more

Cocktail at the Drawing Hotel

07.00 pm

Network, eat and drink in the Drawing Lab

Join us for a cocktail reception at the newly-opened Drawing Hotel and discover its creative space, the Drawing Lab. Learn more

Learning Safari at musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac

Explore Paris' Art Scene with our Learning Safari

09.30 am


Welcome speech by Nathalie Mercier, Head of Communications at musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac Learn more


Find out more about 'audience cultivation' at musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac Learn more
Speakers : Olivier Boasson musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac
Case Study

Guided Visit

Enjoy a guided visit of the "PICASSO PRIMITIF" exhibition at the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac. Learn more

Learning Safari at Centre Pompidou

Option 1

02.30 pm


Welcome speech by Benoit Parayre, Director of Communications at Centre Pompidou Learn more
Speakers : Benoît Parayre The Centre Pompidou


Learn about the Centre Pompidou's education initiatives. This talk will be given by Martin Bourguignat, Responsable du Pôle hors-les-murs et partenariats au Centre Pompidou Learn more

1977-2017. The Centre Pompidou is 40 years old!

In 2017, the Centre Pompidou is celebrating its 40th anniversary all over France. Join this workshop to learn how Centre Pompidou is sharing this celebration with as many people as possible, presenting a completely new programme of exhibitions, exceptional loans, and events throughout the year. Learn more
Speakers : Benoît Parayre The Centre Pompidou

Guided Visits

Explore the museum's temporary exhibitions: MUTATIONS-CRÉATIONS / ROSS LOVEGROVE and WALKER EVANS Learn more

Learning Safari at Musée d'Orsay

Option 2


Luc Bouniol-Laffont, Chef du Service Culturel et de l'Auditorium of the Musée d'Orsay and Lynn Russell - Head of Education at the National Gallery of Art in Washington present their collaboration. Learn more
Speakers : Luc Bouniol-Laffont Musées d'Orsay et de l'Orangerie, Lynn Russell National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Visit of the exhibition Portraits by Cézanne

The exhibition explores the special pictorial and thematic characteristics of Cézanne's portraiture. Learn more