Conference Partners

Nous was established only a decade ago in reaction to a Viennese educational project that used digital handheld devices: the company now ranks among the leading providers in the field of mobile guides and media-based education. From the beginning on NOUS was greeted with growing interest in modern educational tools on the part of museums and cultural event organizers, and has since realized more than 200 projects of differing sizes and with various focuses in Europe, the USA, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Asia. NOUS now develops an increasing number of its projects in close collaboration with architects and museum planners, and advises institutions on adapting their educational role to bring them in line with this ever more digital world.

Based in Vienna, a city with a rich historical and cultural tradition, NOUS expanded to the USA in 2009, 2012 to Scandinavia and has since 2015 a branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Digital storytelling, experience design, discovering and innovation are the new catchphrases that are not only effective in the creative industries, but are crucial for the development of (cultural) brands.