Enter the quirky and unique world of the Museum of Jurassic Technology

Sunday 05 November
@ Museum of Jurassic Technology
09:30 AM

“This modern-day cabinet of curiosities displays artifacts such as the Deprong Mori bat, allegedly able to fly through solid objects due to the ultraviolet rays it transmits, and a horn mounted to the wall that purportedly grew out of the back of a woman’s head, but doesn’t specify which are bona fide and which are mala fide.

Founder David Hildebrand Wilson has said that the museum is a “love letter” to the concept of museums, and the objets d’art they are meant to present. Some people walk out with an epiphany; others simply wonder what the hell they just saw, but all agree that it is a worthy experience.”

The founder and director of the museum, David Wilson will give you a private tour of the museum and answer all your questions.