Social Change in Mexico

Monday 06 November
@ The Getty Center - HMW Auditorium
02:00 PM

Mexican museums are facing a number of challenges. The earthquakes that shook Mexico City this past month, along with the current national and international political scenarios portray a complicated landscape of our country. It is in these moments, more than ever, that bridges must be constructed. Museums must strengthen their ties to show that culture knows no borders. 

These ties should not be reduced to what is available to the public. Cooperation can also be accomplished at administrative levels, where museum authorities share working methods, platforms and can learn from each others’ experiences. In this session, we’ll examine the historical and current landscape of Mexican museums, and how we implemented the web platform “Information and Evaluation System” at the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, which has helped improve the communication within the museum and to progressively eliminate borders between us and the public.


This session is moderated by Selma Holo, Director of Fisher Gallery & Professor of Art History at USC