4 – Surviving 130 Years (and Looking Forward to More)

Tuesday 07 November
@ Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
02:30 PM

The National Museum of Singapore has gone through many evolutions since it opened its doors in 1887. With its progressive spirit and outlook, the museum has contributed significantly to building strong foundations for the growth of the arts and culture scene in Singapore. In recent years, it has led the exploration into new ways of reaching out and engaging with audiences from all walks of life, and is focused on building a museum-loving culture for Singapore. The museum has experimented with digital innovation in the field of exhibition-making, and also in blending contemporary artistic endeavor to bring its collection and content to relevance for today’s audiences.

This session will elaborate on the museum’s strategies on digital innovation such as its first gallery dedicated to digital medium Gallery10, the introduction of a AR/VR enabled architectural tour built on the Google Tango platform, and also Story of the Forest. Jervais will also speak about the museum’s strategy as a whole in reaching beyond its walls, through its active role in place-making, and how the confluence of industry and creative endeavor would play a critical part in its development moving forward.