2 – Providing content both on-site and beyond the building

Tuesday 07 November
@ Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - North American Mammal Hall
09:00 AM
Case Study

To coincide with the Smithsonian Institution’s re-opening of their Asian collection collected in the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in October 2017 the gallery wanted to provide a mobile application that could serve well both the on-site visitors, but also be of equal value to those unable to physically visit the space in Washington DC. To create this experience the combined Freer and Sackler chose to partner with Art Processors.  


The partnership focussed on three key phases:

 – an alignment workshop designed to get the team (curators, digital, marketing) and Director on the same page about the combined creative vision and prioritizing the goals and outcomes that resulted in the dual use of external podcast audio distributed by traditional means that would double as a device guided tour whilst on-site with regularly scheduled updates to build engagement.

 – creative research and design into the specifics of the project that resulted in design guidelines and a narrative process for creating easily serialized content

 – a software development phase that combined the necessary technology solutions to make the application a possibility.


Members from the Smithsonian and Art Processors team will be available to discuss all three elements of the project phases and outcomes.